Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am sure I would kind of make a face about this if I read it on someone else's blog (the same way I am still making faces about that time Zooey Deschanel went on "Top Chef" like nine years ago and said she was allergic to all foods with calories or whatever), but I joined a CSA this year, and, holy shit, I just cannot get enough of their fucking wild lettuce. I will just eat a big bowl of that shit straight every single day. I am craving the fuck out of it right now! It is insane! I am someone who, in the past, has only ever craved foods with the word "krispy" in their names, so this is kind of a health breakthrough for me. Don't worry, I didn't sell out completely, I still eat total garbage constantly, but this was just so unlike any food experience I've ever had, I am kind of flipping out. I know this news is not interesting to anyone else, but you know, if you want news items instead of fevered odes to wild lettuce, go listen to NPR.

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